• Upgrade your billiards/pool table to accept mobile payments with the PayRange Billiards Retrofit Kit. Does not require permanent power. Please contact sales with any questions.
    • Transaction rate is 5.25% USA/Canada
    • No Monthly Hardware Fees
    • No Contracts
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    What's included:
    • PayRange BluKey
    • Module to Convert Mechanical Table to Digital
    BATTERY NOT INCLUDED. You are required to purchase a compatible battery to power your device. These are typically sold as a "Power Bank" or "Portable Fast Charger". Critical specs are 22.5W with a minimum of 60000mAh.  You can search for available options on Amazon. Protect your Investment! Protect your investment with our affordable BluKey Assurance Plan. For a minimal investment of just $5.99 per PayRange BluKey device, paid at the time of device order, you’ll gain four extra years of protection. This extends your coverage to a full 5-years from the date of your order, fortifying the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This small upfront cost ensures your peace of mind and long-term, worry-free operation of your device.

    Please note: A one-time $20 Service Bundle Fee per device will be added at checkout. This fee applies to new and existing customers and includes: wiring harness (if applicable), decals(s), device network activation. *Terms of Service Apply

  • 8.5" x 11" Skip the change billiards sign.