Upgrade your billiards/pool table to accept mobile payments with the PayRange Billiards Retrofit Kit. Does not require permanent power. Please contact sales with any questions.

  • Transaction rate is 5.25% USA/Canada
  • No Monthly Hardware Fees
  • No Contracts
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s included:

  • PayRange BluKey
  • Module to Convert Mechanical Table to Digital

BATTERY NOT INCLUDED. You are required to purchase the approved battery to power your device. The approved battery is the ROMOSS Power Bank 60000mAh which can be purchased through Amazon.

Protect your Investment!
Protect your investment with our affordable BluKey Assurance Plan. For a minimal investment of just $5.99 per PayRange BluKey device, paid at the time of device order, you’ll gain four extra years of protection. This extends your coverage to a full 5-years from the date of your order, fortifying the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This small upfront cost ensures your peace of mind and long-term, worry-free operation of your device.

Please note: A one-time $20 Service Bundle Fee per device will be added at checkout. This fee applies to new and existing customers and includes: wiring harness (if applicable), decals(s), device network activation. *Terms of Service Apply